Welcome to Harmony Station.

My name is Trina Nestibo and I am a music therapist, educator and composer based in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada. Thank you for visiting my website and for your intrigue towards pursuing music. Perhaps what I do might be a fit for you.

Through Harmony Station, I offer a variety of unique music services for groups and individuals of all ages and abilities including:

  • Music Therapy : I am a Board Certified music therapist and an accredited member of the Canadian Association for Music Therapy . I work from a holistic, person-centred perspective, taking into account the psychological, physical, social and spiritual needs of my clients. 

    I customize my sessions to speak to the needs of each individual. My specialty is helping people find their own unique and empowered musical voice. Through improvisation, vocalization, movement, breath-work and songwriting, I guide and support my clients to safely and creatively express themselves. 

    My principle instruments are voice, piano and guitar, although I often integrate percussion, wind instruments and multi-sensory props in the work I do. Additionally, I embrace the innovative ways in which technology can be used to complement my sessions. To find out how to sign up for an assessment to be considered for my music therapy services, learn more here: www.harmonystation.ca/musictherapy

  • Vocal, Keyboard & Performance Coaching : If you are looking to improve your confidence as a musician while enhancing your skills, I'd love to be your coach.  I offer vocal, keyboard and performance coaching. My approach is different than what you would find within a typical music lesson. Think less "by the book" and more "out of the box!" Read more or inquire about setting up a meet & greet session here by clicking: www.harmonystation.ca/coaching  
  • Community Classes & Workshops : 

Vocal Comfort 101 Workshops : Have you always sort of wanted to sing but are a bit unsure about your vocal talents? You're not alone.  In this group class for grown-ups who want to sing, the focus is on freedom and comfort. Of self. Of soul. And of voice.  

A Song A Day: Integrating Music Into The Classroom 

Created for teachers and classroom support staff, this half or full day professional development workshop demonstrates how anyone can incorporate music into their daily routine with students.  We'll give you tips and practical ways to use music to improve classroom focus, memory, mood, energy and learning.  And trust us - you do not need to be a musician in order to captivate and motivate your students through the use of music!  It's simple, effective and we'll show you how.  




Music is one of my main passions.  It brings me closer to my own soul. It has the ability to profoundly affect one's emotional state and motivate change. Whether you are brand new to exploring music or are a trained musician looking to expand your comfort zone, I would love to meet with you in person or online for a complimentary meet & greet. If you're interested in further exploring your own musical path, you are invited to connect with me.

E-mail: trina@harmonystation.ca 

Call or text: 250-309-7807 to connect. 

Notable Quote

"Trina Nestibo sings her truth with the poise and graceful confidence of a seasoned songbird."

David Ward, CKUA, Afternoon Edition