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A Song A Day: Integrating Music Into The Classroom 

Music has a place in every school and in every classroom, helping to create a stimulating learning environment for children in a variety of ways.  At Harmony Station, we know that music can and should be used as an effective tool for teaching, and we're happy to share our tips of the trade with you. We would love to come to your school or centre to offer this valuable workshop that doubles as a team building experience.   


Created for teachers and classroom support staff, this half or full day professional development workshop demonstrates how anyone can incorporate music into their daily routine with students.  We'll give you tips and practical ways to use music to improve classroom focus, memory, mood, energy and learning.  And trust us - you do not need to be a musician in order to captivate and motivate your students through the use of music!  It's simple, effective and we'll show you how. 


"Relaxed and refreshing!"


"Loved it!  So engaging and practical.  You can tell these ideas have been used and they really work!"


            Vocal Comfort 101 

Have you always sort of wanted to sing but are a bit unsure about your vocal talents? You're not alone.  In this group class for grown-ups who want to sing, the focus is on freedom and comfort. Of self. Of soul. And of voice.  Group and individual creative sessions cover a variety of topics including: 
  • Getting Comfortable With The Sound Of Your Voice
  • Learning Vocal Skills and Singing Technique
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Tone Colour
  • Emotional Expression
  • Blending and/or Separating Head & Chest Voice
  • Ear Training – Intervals
  • Sight Singing – The Major Scale, Solfege, Semi-Tones
  • Developing Vocal Character
  • The “Ah” Factor – Understanding Vowels
  • Articulation and Speech Control
  • Intonation and Tuning
  • Using the Voice As An Instrument

How does it work? Vocal Comfort sessions start with a 10-15 minute guided meditation and stretching session - that opens participants up to using their entire bodies as instruments.  The focus of group work is on freedom of expression, sharing - and most importantly, fun. We open our hearts and minds to new experiences whilst challenging our ears to listen to something greater than a melody, a harmony, a verse or a chorus.  This group session allows time and space for exploring the true register of your own unique voice in a welcoming, nonthreatening atmosphere. Technical skills are introduced, as well as creative freedom assignments designed to spark your intuition and inspiration.  


Notable Quote

"Sings her truth with the poise and graceful confidence of a seasoned songbird."

David Ward, CKUA, Afternoon Edition