Ladybug’s Garden is an original musical show that celebrates elements of nature through story-telling, movement and song. Professional touring musicians visit classrooms to engage students with a myriad of interactive activities surrounding the themes of springtime, summer and the earth. Both educational and entertaining, this is the perfect way to treat your children to an unforgettable enriching experience. Miss Daisy explores and celebrate seasons and nature  through a variety of interactive activities and story-telling through song. 


Throughout this live performance, children are lead on a musical journey that incorporates story-telling, instrument like guitars, accordions and kazoos, singing, dancing, puppets and multi-sensory props. The garden theme underlies the entire program - with song subjects such as ladybugs, worms, flowers, soil and climate - so that youngsters express, learn and grow through music. This 45-minute musical is all original - and geared towards young audiences, ages 3-7. 




"Just a perfect show for little ones! Kids involvement in the show was fantastic. Thank you!"


Kindergarten Teacher, Holy Family Elementary


"Loved the sharing instruments. Very interactive and easy songs to sing along with!"


 Grade One Teacher, Buchanan Elementary


Miss Daisy is a big kid at heart whose stage shows overflow with energy and a signature joie de vivre.  She entertains audiences of all ages with her colourful vocal palate accompanied by her sweet sounding squeezebox and soulful acoustic guitar rhythms.  Her catchy tunes and vivacious delivery will have you singing, dancing and wiggling along... guaranteed. Listen to original songs from Harmony Station's children's album, Ladybug's Garden by clicking here!

 At Harmony Station, we believe that kids deserve to hear live music, too! Our live concerts for kids are a ton of fun - and we'd love to bring our show to your community!  Whether it be in the town theatre, local school at a festival or another suitable venue.... we encourage you to book a performance - and bring the whole gang.  Kids *and* kids at heart will enjoy Miss Daisy's whimsical style... 





Notable Quote

"Sings her truth with the poise and graceful confidence of a seasoned songbird."


David Ward, CKUA, Afternoon Edition