Hello Friends.  


Thank you for visiting my website.  I am excited to be offering a myriad of musical experiences again this season and invite you to join me in exploring your own musical paths, however those might sound or feel.  I offer classes, lessons, workshops and interactive performances for all ages and abilities. As well, I continue to compose original music - and invite you to have a listen to my offerings.


It is an honour to share my knowledge with you and to be able to walk along beside you as a supportive and guiding coach as you delve into your own individual musical journeys.



        Live 4 Love.


   Trina L. Nestibo




Harmony Station's vision is to create unforgettable musical experiences.  Essentially, the goal  is to enrich lives, using music and art as tools - for learningexpression, recreation and wellness



Photo Credit: Isabel Panrucker:  http://www.multimediaazteca.com


We understand that creativity benefits us all in so many different ways and we want to contribute as we can in instilling creativity in your lives and in the lives of the children you know.   There are so many intrinsic benefits that come with exposing minds and souls to musical experiences ... We want to share our love of music with you and the wonderful souls you know  (young and old alike)- while having fun and meaningful experiences doing so. We love what we do and we hope that you do too. *grateful feelings *


Part of the reason we do what do?  We know that students learn best when they are given the opportunity to explore and learn in environments that are tactile and multi-sensory. And we all learn best when we're engaged and having fun. Each and every one of our performances, classes, workshops and interactive songs have been specially created with those principals in mind.





Notable Quote

"Sings her truth with the poise and graceful confidence of a seasoned songbird."


David Ward, CKUA, Afternoon Edition